Shutterstock Tips: Lightbox Tips for Shutterstock Contributors

How to Link to a Lightbox

Plus 5 Other Helpful Lightbox Tips for Shutterstock Contributors

Shutterstock subscribers use Lightboxes to keep track of images they might want to download later. But they aren’t just for customers. Contributors can use them to share images with anyone they please, including potential customers. If you’re new to Lightboxes, here are some tips for making the most of them. Be sure you’re logged in to the Shutterstock site first.

Start a Lightbox fast. On every Shutterstock image page, and below every thumbnail on our search results pages, you’ll find a light bulb icon. Click on it and you’ll see a drop-down menu inviting you to create a Lightbox and add the image to it. You can also use that drop-down menu to add that image to an existing Lightbox, if you have any.

Work with multiple Lightboxes. Need to share two similar lightboxes? Save time by copying the images from one to another. First create a new Lightbox; you can have as many as you want. Then, it’s really simple to copy images from one Lightbox to another—just open the first Lightbox and select the images you want using the check box beneath each one, then click on the “copy” command at the top of the Lightbox. You can also move or remove images if you want them gone from your Lightbox.

Navigate from Lightbox to Lightbox. Quickly access your most recent Lightbox by clicking on the “Lightboxes” link in the top Shutterstock menu. Once you’re there, click on the down arrow next to the name of that Lightbox to switch from one Lightbox to another.

Send a Lightbox to a client. It’s easy to send a Lightbox to anybody with an e-mail address. They’ll get a short and sweet e-mail with a link to the Lightbox in it. The recipient can view your Lightbox, but not edit it.

Link to a Lightbox from your web site. Send the Lightbox to your own e-mail address and copy the URL from that e-mail. Treat it like any other link. For example:

Visitors who follow that link can see your Lightbox but not edit it.

Use the Lightbox workspace (or make it go away). If you’ve added an image to a Lightbox recently, Shutterstock will display a little workspace at the bottom of your screen where you can access that Lightbox. Click the up triangle to expand the workspace, or the down triangle to make it smaller. If you’ve made the workspace as small as you can and want to get rid of the little bar at the bottom of your screen, just click on the X.

Whether you’d like to compile a “best of” your own gallery or collect a handful of other contributors’ images you find inspirational, the Lightbox feature can be a useful tool for Shutterstock contributors.  Check it out!

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